Sheringham Distillery: Fun Facts

  • Sheringham Distillery has an on-site natural spring originating from a crystalline rock aquifer is the source of water for their Coastal Craft Spirits.

  • Amanda Swinimer, hand harvests sustainable Winged Kelp (Alaria marginata).

  • The renowned Victorian bartender, Shawne Soole asked Sheringham Distillery to collaborate in producing a Vancouver Island Akvavit (a.k.a. Aquavit). From the land they added caraway, dill and other botanicals; from the ocean they added Dakini Tidal Wilds hand-harvested sustainable Winged Kelp.

  • The inspiration for Sheringham Distillery was found in an empty glass bottle.

  • During the prohibition era (1920’s-1930’s) ships ran the Strait to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula smuggling Whisky on a regular basis. At the time, exporting liquor from Canada was not illegal, yet importing it to the United States was.

    o Their Coastal Craft Spirits can only be purchased in BC, Canada, so they are ‘technically’ still in the same boat!

  • Sheringham Distillery is located on the West Coast of Southern Vancouver Island over looking the Juan de Fuca Strait. They felt duty-bound to embrace a sailing vessel as their symbol.

  • In Sheringham’s Newest Spirit; Kazuki Gin: KAZU, meaning “harmony”, is the blending and respect for both East and West cultures. KI means “radiance” and is an ode to the radiant flavours of the botanicals as they dance on your palette.

  • The Seaside Gin recently took home an amazing award… WORLD GIN AWARDS WORLD’S BEST CONTEMPORARY GIN 2019